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Ludlum Measurements, Inc - The parent company of Eljen Technology and all the other divisions noted on this page.  Ludlum Measurements has been in business since 1962. It designs, manufactures and distributes radiation detection instrumentation and equipment in support of making the world a safer place to work and live in.

Ludlum Measurements, Inc.
501 Oak Street, Sweetwater, Texas 79556 USA
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ADIT - Designs and manufactures photomultiplier tubes for Industry and the Scientific Community. They specialize in PMT's used in radiation detection and measurement devices with a complete line of Head-on PMT's from 1/2" to 5" diameter. They also provide voltage dividers and can offer custom voltage dividers to custom specifications. Most of their voltage dividers are built on printed circuit boards (PCB) and have surface mount components. Other products offered include sockets, bases, magnetic shields, HA Coating, HVPS and connectors.

300 Crane Street, Sweetwater, Texas 79556 USA
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ET Enterprises Limited - Develops and manufactures photomultipliers, offers a wide range of HV power supplies, photomultiplier housings, modular signal processing electronics and complete photon counting systems.

ET Enterprises Limited
45 Riverside Way, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UB8 2YF, United Kingdom
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West Texas Molding - Offers plastic injection molding services with an emphasis on short runs, quick turn-around deliveries and affordable pricing.

West Texas Molding
404 Oak St
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Ludlum Medical Physics - A unique product line created to more fully serve the Medical Physics community.  This collection of equipment and services focus on radiation detection instrumentation along with an accompanying assortment of test tools, phantoms and shielding for diagnostic and nuclear medicine quality assurance.

Ludlum Medical Physics
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Protean Instrument - A leading manufacturer of ultra-high performance sample counting systems for measuring alpha and beta activity at very low environmental levels.

Protean Instrument
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Knoxville, Tennessee 37932 USA
Tel and Fax: 865-392-4600